Tracking Returning Vistors

(anotherguy) #1

Hello, I was wondering what would be the best way to try and get more info about returning visitors.
I am looking to know

  1. What was the first referring site that the returning visitor came from.
  2. How many pageviews/visits the average retuning visitor created from a given referring site creates per month
  3. the number of months a returning visitor returns to the site [again, divided up per reffering site/ keyword]

I was wondering what would be the most efficient way to get this info and how much work, in your opinion it would take to get this all set up.


me to option 1

  1. What was the first referring site that the returning visitor came from.
    would be great as then the goals i have created would be more accurate, i am tracking mailto link on contact page and it helps with sites that we pay for accommodation links for, some provide a lot of traffic but seem inititialy so have poor ctr for mailt but i dont know when the visitor on a returning visit came from

hope someone can help


any ideas?



(Matthieu Aubry) #5

you will be able to do this, via the API only, in the next release. We are working on Segmentation, and you will be able to define a segment “visitorType==returning” and have all the Piwik reports only for these visitors


that sounds good
you see with the goal conversions setup i can get a good guesstimate of unique visitors its in the return entry it gets lost a little, you say it can be done now via the API could you give a hint or in the next version api
Regards Tudor
looking forward to happy days
i know i can put a php cookie and store return visits into mysql, but its nice not to have to place to many cookies into a browser

(Sofia Robert) #7

Please suggest more


hmmm yes i was about ask a similar question thanks for the suggestion matthieu