Tracking referrer across multiple domains?



I’ve been through the documentation but cannot figure out if this is possible (sorry if I missed it somewhere).

We have 12 blogging domains: B1, B2, B3… B12
We have 3 review sites: R1, R2, R3
We have 2 forums: F1, F2
We have 10 micro sites. M1. M2, … M10
We have ONE main ecommerce site: E1

All sites generate traffic to E1, all sites are and must continue to be on completely different domains, and traffic is sent between all sites

Is it possible to track across all sites in Piwik,so that when we have a successfull purchase at E1, we can see that this person initially visited B4 (and we can see the referrer from this first visit), then jumped to F1 and finally ended up at E1 ?


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

With Piwik you can see the Top Referer websites that converted the most ecommerce revenue
You might see your other websites. iT credits the last website by default.

There is no however special feature to track deeper than this. but your feedback would be welcome if you could put a feature proposal together we would listen for sure :slight_smile: