Tracking- Pixel and JavaScript

Piwik on my site is implemented via pixel and at the same time via JavaScript. The pixel is used when JavaScript is disabled in the browser, otherwise the JS tracking. So that’s also a performance topic for the page. My question is, if i can only use the pixel for tracking.


Of course you can only use the tracking pixel without any javascript. But keep in mind that there are a lot of things it can’t track and that it is intended as a fallback .


Thank you for your quick answer. The fallback, I know. But what is it about the thinks i can’t track with only a pixel on my site? Do you have any examples?

So what is less limitaion? Only to track with the pixle of piwik? Or only with javascript?

When using the tracking pixel you can’t track:

  • search keywords (not sure about that)
  • referrers
  • screen resolutions, browser plugins, etc
  • page titles
  • clicks to external websites or downloads

But you can still track as with the Javascript tracker:

  • IP-Address
  • User Agent (Device, Browser, OS)
  • visited URL

and everything that can be infered from this data.

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Unterschied zw. Javascript & Tracking-Pixel

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