Tracking Piwik Plugin in Virtuemart

Hi I am in contact with the developers if VirtueMart as the Piwik Virtuemart Plugin needs some adjustments.

There is a problem with the abadonned carts. The bought carts are working correctly.

Here the problem of abadonned carts.

The information is like:
Product name, Category (Quantity), Quantity: 1, Price

The problem is that the quantity value is showed in () just after category. Then the “real” quantity space comes which is always 1. The price is set ok.
The problem is that the value of 1 is always set in Backend Ecommerce tracking. So abadonned carts are always counted with only one product instead of the value the user choose.

Please find attached picture for better understanding.

I hope to find the solution for the problem here.