Tracking parameters from Google search


I started tracking Google landing url recently, however I found the landing url parameters are not always collected by Piwik.
before I enabled “Keep Page URL fragments when tracking Page URLs”, I see Piwik can sometimes parameters are tracked and sometimes not. When I enabled “Keep Page URL fragments when tracking Page URLs”, I cannot even see the URL.
I am pretty sure that the google redirect is with parameters. Is there anything I missed in configuration so that Piwik cannot get all the parameters? thanks a lot in advance!

Hello, does anyone have this issue or experienced this one? Does the “search” icon mean the redirection is from search engine? thanks.

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I can’t help much about the general issue, but I think the search icon means that Piwik detected an internal search (like https::// you can configure the detected parameters in the site settings.

Hi Lukas,

thanks a lot for your prompt reply. my problem is that internal search URL cannot be tracked, as you can see from my screenshot, the internal search only shows the google adwords campaign. I tried to setup internal search in my site config, however it still does not track the google redirect URL. can you please provide some more details about site search setup? thanks again.

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