Tracking page view in Angular app using Matomo Tag Management

Hello there !

I am quite new to Matomo and I am struggling tracking navigation through my app using Matomo Tag Manager.

I have tried to trigger a _mtm.push(‘trackPageView’) on each event fired by my router but nothing happens.
Does anybody has ever achieved to make this work ?
Bonus question (for 10 points) : How does _mtm work ?Preformatted text
Here’s my understanding (which is probably wrong because otherwise i would be able to make it work as intended) :
1- informations are placed in _mtm while doing _mtm.push().
2- then, when a request is fired by a trigger in Tag Managemnent, all entries of _mtm are added as query parameters.

Good question i have the same pb here

I am assuming you have seen this here ?