Tracking Outlinks when you use "Only track visits and actions when the URL starts with one of the above URLs."

Our company’s intranet hosts content for multiple orgs (not surprisingly), and we have implemented Piwik to track web page usage only in our org:

To prevent other orgs (e.g., to be tracked in our instance, I setup the website as follows:

  • URLs field:
  • Checked the “Only track visits and actions when the URL starts with one of the above URLs.” checkbox

The result is that pages outside of are not tracked, which is good.

However, I was expecting links to pages somewhere else in our intranet to be tracked as Outlinks. E.g., if I link to from my page, I was expecting clicks on the somepage.html link to be registered as an Outlink, as that page does not “belong” to my domain. That does not seem to be the case. Links to other sites, e.g.,, are being tracked as outlinks.

Now, the definition of Outlink is as follows: “An outlink is a link that leads the visitor away from your website (to another domain)” I’m starting to think that “domain” in this instance is, and that the “Only track visists […]” setting is not taken into account to decide whether a link is an Outlink or not.

So, my questions:

  1. are clicks to the pages supposed to be tracked as Outlinks?
  2. if so, what am I doing wrong?
  3. if not, help me understand why not
  4. can I somehow get clicks to pages tracked as outlinks?