Tracking only Google Chrome

Piwik don’t tracking other browser as Google Chrome. Opera and Watefox not recognized by PIWIK so there is no entry in PIWK logs from this browser, Why?

If your Piwik configuration is set to honour the “Do not track” option in the browsers accessing your site, and if these browsers have that “Do not track” option set, Piwik will not record their visits.

I just accessed your site at 11:15 GMT, using Firefox without the “Do not track” option set. Did your Piwik record this visit?

Yes I see your visit at IP 184.XXX.X.XXX Windows 7 1366x768

I did it. I resolve this issue. Just disable ublock on Waterfox and adblock on Opera. So why piwik image not working when someone using any ad blocker?

It depends on how the adblockers are implemented. Some of them disable execution of Javascript or simply “eat” Javascript altogether.

So why piwik image not working when js are has been blocked? I think the PIWIK now is not useful tool to analytic any site, Better choice is Google Analitycs coz working very well. Why? Reason is simple - just try using Waterfox with ublock an disable this plugin then Piwik don’t see Your entry but Google see all visits. This is my own example:
Google - 63 visits
Piwik - 7 visits

Bye bye Piwik.