Tracking of goals: One from 2 goals does not work

Hello, Piwik community,

(sorry for my “none perfect English”, but in German support forum I did not get any reply to this)

My 2 problems / questions:

First question: As email marketer I want report the conversion rate(s) of landing page(s).

The usual tracking (visitors etc.) all works fine. Piwik installation is working.

So I have 2 pages as my goals:

First goal page [“Confirmation”] (is shown after subscribe to the landing page, telling you to click confirmation link in the conformation e-mail which the EMA [email marketing appl.] send [= double opt-in].

Second goal page [“Success”] (is shown as “success” message after you did click the confirmation link in the this confirmation email. (You have successful subscribed too this list).

Both sites (confirmation + success page) are “normal” static HTML pages (NOT some php pages, which are automatic generated by the EMA). As term in define goals I chooses “exact” match.

page URLs look like this:

(1. goal)

(2. goal)

In both of this pages is PIWIK tracking code manual integrated. Both goals are exact defined in “Goals” in PIWIK (always same, exact URL, URLs I have tested etc., all correct).

Result: I become counting / tracking / conversion(rate) ALWAYS only for one goal (the first, = confirmation page, 1. goal).
Second goal is NOT showing / counting / tracking . It is tracked and shown in “normal” visitor report (for example: If somebody subscribes you see that he did visit 3 pages: landing page, confirmation page and finally success page). But goal report for 2. goal is always “0” (zero, no data). The subscriptions are all correct (you see the new, confirmed subscribers in the EMA).

So my question is: Does for this a specific “goal tracking code” / “goal id” exist, what I must set (additional) to my confirmation / success page?

Any other, possible causes?

Second question:

When I advertise (promote) this landing page via banners (.gif) in different portals (use banner and URL of landing page, NO affiliate program) and my URL for this banner (when clicked on this portal) is for example: can I use PIWIK goals to measure which click (visitor) comes from what portal (and measure the conversion rates)? As I did read somewhere, it is possible with PIWIK goal tracking to add some some code snipset to the URL so that PIWIK can track this (for example:

Thanks for any tips and help.