Tracking Newsletters


I need to tracking a newsletter.
I put the piwik tag in the newsletter and I see the pageviews of newsletter.
My problem is the pageviews in the site made by clicks on link in newsletter.
I create 2 Segment:
Entry by Newsletter - Url entry Page contains "X"
Newsletter - Page contains "X"
This 2 segment are the same pageviews.
Single cause for this is when click in link on newsletter the piwik create a new visit. how i can chage this?

Dário Santos

Hi there,

It’s not very well documented, but you can use the Image tracker and include it in the newsletter for tracking email openings: Tracking API - Analytics Platform - Matomo


I have a Image tracker in the newsletters and I see how many people opening the newsletter. This metodo only result if people opening newsletters in program have image, if the opening in outlook without image permission piwik don’t regist this pageview.

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