Tracking multiple sites not starting HTTP request

(Michael) #1

We have multiple servers, all set up with SSL (https). One of them is designated as the piwik host. The others are sites that are being tracked.

Only one of the websites seems to be working though. All of them correctly load the piwik.js file, using Web Inspector I can confirm the piwik library being loaded in. However, after the js file loads, no HTTP tracking request is made. Only one of the websites makes the HTTP request to the piwik server.

We have all the websites configured in the Settings -> Websites section, and the correct ID in the tracking code for each individual site. It’s odd that no tracking call gets made. Anyone have suggestions?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there,

do you maybe see some error messages in the browser console?

or maybe you have DoNotTrack enabled and so requests are not sent?