Tracking Mobile QR codes with Piwik

Update: StatStory QR Code Generator for Piwik Analytics Campaign Tracking

Check out the QR code generator!

I would like to ask what others may be doing in
regard to using piwik for tracking QR code useage?
Is this reasonable to use piwik for QR code tracking?

Example, putting piwik tracking on1 page where a QR code exists
and then put a separate tracking id on the resulting page 2 location
of where the QR sends someone? I can see this as a raw stat measuring
referral from the originating location [Qr code] to the end point
url to match them up possibly. Probably not ideal.

Obviously the idea would only work for URL transfers to websites
and would exclude tracking of twitter, direct youtube videos,
fb, email or sms qr code options since it would not be possible
to put piwik tracking on the end result side of these actions
without a middle controlled referring page that I can measure and then
[meta tag refresh] forward on to the ultimate URL.

So I guess I could use the piwik stats on the middle page as
the campaign stat of whether the QR code was used at all.
If the QR code was placed in several different places,
it probably would not give an idea of which method is generating the
use of the QR code to begin with unless again a comparison of the
origination point is looked at to see if it originated from a website QR location.

Does anyone else have better option(s) or something they use
for needs of this sort? Thanks.

To track QR codes, I would recommend to encode the URL with the Campaign Parameters : you can use:

I will test thta out with a few QR codes and see
how things go. Thank you Matt.

Hello Matt,
I wanted to come back and thank you for the suggestion of setting up campaign tracking.

I have tested this out on several test QR codes with 3 different browsers - IE8 - Firefox 16.02 and lastly with a mobile Android 2.3 device using v. 1.9.1 of Piwik.

I made the QR codes clickable on a website with an encoded URL that
contained the tracking parameters I wanted and also encoded several QR
codes with the encoded campaign tracking parameters.
Several QR codes can reside on the same page, each with different tracking
parameters encoded and depending on which one is used, tracking works
as you had described.

Clickable links and QR codes seems to be tracking as expected and picking up browsers and devices accurately and also geo showing as well. The campaigns
show up under the Referrers - Campaigns area as intended which was my first issue overcome.

I have to say I have pretty much fallen in love with the stats visual under Actions - Exit Pages - Open Transitions that shows each campaign. What a great visual flow.

Probably good I asked this question since it clearly shows me where I was failing miserably in that each site I have stats tracking for needs its’ own campaign tracking parameters setup to be able to show effective tracking from incoming to exit and not just for a QR code. It appears that I didn’t know what I was missing.
Humble pie is always good when warmed up. :wink:

Thanks again.
Sincerely, Just another Statmutt

Ok thanks for the feedback, maybe you would like to contribute a short blog post explaining how you used Piwik to track QR codes performances, and possibly screenshots of the QR code + piwik reports?

It would be awesome as we always try to post interesting / inspiring things on the blog! Cheers…


Here is a handy tool for Piwik and QR Codes.

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