Tracking mailto links


Hope someone can help me out on this one.

I have been trying to set up an event to track mailto clicks by following this guide:

Has anyone managed to get it to work using the guide or is there something missing? Looking at both visitor logs and events, the event is not tracked.

Also, I am having difficulties previewing a tag manager container. It says that preview is enabled but I see no console.

PS: I am faily new to this so I really hope someone can assist me :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance!

Anyone know how I can confirm if Tag Manager is installed? The code is inserted as instructed but how I can double check if it loads?

Did you configure some container in Matomo? (do you have some Tag Manager menu in your Matomo interface?) If so, then the Tag Manager is installed!
Can you share the full tracking code you put in your tracked page?

I had created a container but I guess I had to tick it in WP settings as well. When I debug now it does seem to be somewhat working but the pop up is all gray:

Is it supposed to be like that with no text at all? I don’t have any ad blocker on…

Nobody who experienced the same with this empty box? I can adjust the size of it, it appears at the bottom of the debug page but there is nothing in it.

I haven’t added any code to the website manually, in Matomo WP settings, it says that there is no need to add any code. Did I misunderstand this?

Here is what Matomo settings says and the tag is found:


Sorry for my silence, I missed your message…
Can you check your browser console if there are some errors that are thrown?
Also did you configure some JavaScript variables or HMTL/JavaScript tags?
Which version of Matomo do you use?