Tracking links from a different domain other than the Matomo site with tracking code (using YOURLS)

Currently using a php server-side shortening service called YOURLS. The setup is on a different domain (https://www.example.ME). My Matomo install is on (https://analytics.example.COM) Is there a way to generate tracking to the Matomo install (where example.COM is setup in the dashboard with javascript code and a site id) from the .ME domain?

Apparently there was a plugin for YOURLS that used the PiwikTracker.php and setup to track links to the .COM site. But it no longer works and has not been maintained to work with the current release of Matomo.

YOURLS generates dynamic links to create the shortcode. My use if for audio and video links that are not contained with a web landing page, but just a link to a folder on the example.ME site.

I’d love to hear nay thoughts about getting this accomplished. I’ve seen a few queries about this but no followups.