Tracking Javascript Events

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Disclaimer - what I know about web development could fit on a postage stamp.

Firstly, just switched from Analytics to Piwik and am thrilled that I did. A first rate product.

One of my sites has a Javascript slider on the front page ( I’m unconvinced that users are even seeing what’s on the slider’s other pages. Can anyone tell me how to track the Javascript events with Piwik?

The slider buttons are defined like:

How would I track this?

Many thanks,

Tim Haughton

(rschilt) #2

Check out: “Force a click on a link to be recorded as a download in Piwik” in the Javascript Tracking documentation. It introduces the idea of using a “class” to track links.

(timhaughton) #3

Hi Robert, thanks for your reply. I added the class=‘piwik_download’ to the links for both buttons:

This fails to track a download. Is it because the only target is javascript?



(vipsoft) #4


Create a wrapper function to call stepBy and trackLink, and call this function instead. (The class=“download” attribute can be dropped since you’re calling the JavaScript tracking API directly.)

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That’s great, thanks for the reply!

Can I refer you to the disclaimer at the top of my first post style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif What might this look like, I’m afraid I don’t speak JavaScript. Seems like I won’t be able to put off learning it much longer though.

p.s. Not sure what beer costs over there, hopefully I’ve bought you at least 1. Cheers

(vipsoft) #6


I’m going to make an educated guess here that you don’t really care when the user scrolls through the thumbnail gallery, and instead, are more interested when he/she clicks on a thumbnail to open a full-size image in a window.

So, let’s leave your HTML as it was without the class=“download”.

We can simply add the call to trackLink() in your (presumably) existing onpanelclick handler, e.g.,

<script type="text/javascript">
  /* ... existing gallery setup options here ... */
  onpanelclick: function(target) {
	if (target.tagName=="IMG" && target.parentNode.tagName=="A") {

	  piwikTracker.trackLink(target.parentNode.href, 'download');, "", "width= 800px, height=700px, scrollbars=1, left=100px, top=50px");
	  return false //cancel default action (load link in current window)