Tracking / Javascript API

Hi all,

my goal is to track videos on my side. That means for instance I’d like
to track how may times each video was clicked. Of particular
interest is a monitoring with regard to how long each a
video was watched (play duration). I think there is a pay
solution from media-analytics.

None-the-less I’d like to do some basic tracking with free
means piwik is shipped with.

So I added my tracking code in the head section:

then for test purposes I added
Freedom page
somewhere in the body tag.

Because I clicked on that link I would expect that I could see a reporting in the
piwik backend, but there is nothing.

What is missing here ? How can track particular events?
My goal is to track Video activity (clicks, watch duration).
we use HTML5 -Tags for embedding our videos.
Can you get me started here ? Is it possible to
track a particular video with CSS-name ?

hands on information / how tos etc. would be super!

Thanks in advance for your help!


To track videos please use our awesome media analytics solution: