Tracking issue

Got most of my PiWik to finally work. But I’m using the PHP api and it keeps recording users as the server’s IP.

Below is the output of the $_GET variables when they hit the piwik.php

    [idsite] => 1
    [rec] => 1
    [apiv] => 1
    [rand] => 1705743907
    [cip] => 76.90.***.***
    [_id] => 958becab7a7386b1
    [url] =>
    [urlref] =>
    [action_name] => KiSS Guild

So the IP is being sent correctly but somewhere on the other end it’s not setting the IP correctly. Any ideas?

Fixed it, but more of a hacking of it then actually fixing it. Added the follow lines to the top of the piwik.php

 $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] = $_GET['cip'];
 $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] = $_GET['cip'];