Tracking IP Addresses of web visitors

Upon setting up Piwik, is there any way to track the IP address of visitors that are coming to the website as well as what was the form of traffic that was associated with the IP address?

Piwik tracks Visitor IP and you can view it in the visitor log: Real Time Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Hi Matt

How would we find the IP address once we install piwik?

Can you provide me with details on how we would get to the visitor’s log within the UI?

Thanks again for all your help.

I went to your demo and looked under the visitor log and don’t see ip address listed. demo page- visitor log[/url] I just want to make sure that if I download this and use it for my Wix website that I will be able to see the ip address of my visitors. Wix uses Google Analytics and GA doesn’t give keyword or ip address info, therefore I am seeking an alternative. I also noticed on the demo site for your software that the majority of the keywords were listed as keyword not defined. Is there a way to get more information on the keywords being used when the search shows my listing.[url=http://]demo- keyword info

The demo is for “Anonymus” user so IP tracking is not showed.

“The Visitor IP (visitIp field) and the Unique Visitor ID (visitorId field) will be displayed in the user interface and returned in the API output only if you are logged in Piwik. For privacy reasons, we do not display the IP or Visitor ID to anonymous users.”

REF: Real Time Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo

But for Piwik users with View or Admin status, you will see IPs.