Tracking individual users


I just stumbled upon Piwik and I’m wondering if this is perhaps the solution to a problem I need to solve.

We’re building a new website for our company, and our CEO likes to send out newsletters with links to articles on our site in them. Of course, the links are tagged in a special way with a unique ID to track the individual visits from that user to our site. When clicking on such a link, we set a cookie that tracks that user, and then we can get detailed statistics for the visit depth for each user subscribing to the newsletter.

Okay, I admit, it’s a little sneaky, I know. But is it possible to do something like this with Piwik through some kind of extension? I suppose it would require an extra ID somewhere in the databases (haven’t looked at any specs yet). I suppose we could extract and report the data ourselves, but it needs to be detected and stored somehow…

Or maybe it’s easier to build just a completely independent solution? Piwik looked like a nice alternative to Google Analytics.