Tracking groups of pages that aren't in directory format

Hi all-
Silly question, but is there a way to track the stats on a pre-defined group of pages? We’re tracking stats on a wiki, and we have several “portals” that need to be tracked. Since our MediaWiki format doesn’t use directories (e.g.,,, etc.), we can’t group them together. Additionally, not all the portals contain the word “portal” in the URL, so there’s no way to just filter by URL or even set a custom variable. We don’t even necessarily need specific data, all that’s needed is a total number of visits to the portals in the wiki.

Short of upping the table entries max (it’s currently at 5000) so we track every single page hit, then export and filter by page title, is there way I can specify a list of arbitrary urls and track them as a group? Again, sorry for the silly question. :smiley:


What I would do is create a site for each portal, then output in PHP, the Website ID for the current page (in the Javascript tracking code).

Hmmm. We already have a ton of sites being tracked on the same installation (ugh), so I’d have to have to add more. I could always track them on our staging/testing server since it’s not imperative that all the other stats need to be tracked (just visit count).

I also forgot to mention that all the Portals are located in the namespace “Category: Portals,” which is linked at the bottom of every page. (Tracking the category page itself wouldn’t yield many results, since most people navigate there via search or the front page.) Not sure if this helps with the structuring/ability to track, but thought I’d throw that out there in case someone can figure out an alternative. :slight_smile: