Tracking Google Campaigns with # Anchor

I am trying to set up Piwik tracking on a site that is already being tracked by Google Analytics. The site was designed to work with Campaign Parameters passed preceded by #. For example:

This works in GA because the tracker has _setAllowAnchor set to true. See docs here

Is it possible to configure Piwik to recognise these Google Campaigns?

Thanks for the report, indeed this is an issue we will fix in the next few weeks, see the ticket: Campaign tracking parameters should be also detected in the URL hash tag (fragment) · Issue #2475 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

In the meantime I have a work around. I grab the google code from the URL with split("#")[2]
and then process it to the pk_ form, then reassemble the URL and use setCustomUrl to push this to Piwik.

Seems to work fine, but a more general version would be better for sure.

Thanks for the prompt response. I’m sorry I can’t work out how to format this to not insert a smiley above, replace with )

nterry it would be appreciated if you can post your code using setCustomUrl() in the ticket for this feature! thanks

Here is my code. It’s not pretty and it’s not optimized, but it works:
Replace the smileys with right-parenthases

var googleTracking = document.location.hash.substring(1).split("&") ;  // Map the Google Tracking
paramChar = (document.URL.indexOf("?") == -1) ? "/?" : "&" ; // There may be a ?param we need to preserve
var x = 0,utmSource,utmMedium,utmCampaign,utmTerm,pkCampaign = "",pkTerm = "" ;
while (x < googleTracking.length)
  switch (googleTracking[x].split("=")[0])
    case  "utm_source": pkCampaign = googleTracking[x].split("=")[1]; break ;
    case  "utm_medium": pkCampaign = googleTracking[x].split("=")[1]; break ;
    case  "utm_campaign": pkCampaign = googleTracking[x].split("=")[1]; break ;
    case  "utm_term": pkTerm = googleTracking[x].split("=")[1]; break ;
  x++ ;
if (pkCampaign != "")
	pkCampaign = paramChar + "pk_campaign=" + pkCampaign ;
	if (pkTerm != "") pkTerm = "&pk_term=" + pkTerm ;

} else
	if (pkTerm != "") pkTerm = paramChar + "pk_term=" + pkTerm ;

var customUrl = document.URL.split("#")[0] + pkCampaign + pkTerm ;

And later in the code

      var piwikTracker = Piwik.getTracker(pkBaseURL + "piwik.php", PiwikID) ;
      piwikTracker.setCustomUrl( customUrl ) ;
      piwikTracker.trackPageView() ;