Tracking Google Ads conversions using the Matomo Tag Manager doesn't work


We want to track Google Ads conversions using the Matomo Tag Manager.
First, we use the matomo tag manager to load the Google tag in the head of each page.
The google tag assistant shows that the tag was loaded.

In the matomo tag manager, we then created an html tag with the google event snippet and a corresponding trigger for each conversion; the matomo debugger also shows that these tags are fired.

However, in the Google tag assistant only conversions like page visits, scroll to page end or session time are recognized. Klick conversions don’t work.

Has anyone had the same problems? What could be the reason? Thanks

We have a similar / same issue. It works in one instance and hosting environment, but not in another.

Whats required in terms of server settings, that a conversion is correctly send to Google Ads? Google refuses to support, as its Matomo Tag Manager and not theirs… :disguised_face:

Did someone find out, what could be the issue for a event not correctly send to Google Ads?
CORS? Any other security setting of the webserver? Or the Matomo Domain?

If the TM debugger shows that the tag is fired… Then everything should be ok.

Check what’s happening also in the hits by looking within the Network panel in the Dev Tools, and also use the Google Tag Assistant.

Most likely you’re firing the tag with the wrong Conversion Label.

Also: have you published your container? :innocent:

Hi Martino,

thanks for your reply. Of course, MTM container is published and conversion labels are correct :slight_smile:

So matomo debugger shows that all tags are fired, and both in google tag assistant and Dev tools i can see that the general google tag is loaded and that conversion events like “scroll to page end” are working.

Only klick conversions are not recognized in google tag assistant and Dev tools.

Do you have an idea?

Hi there,

i have a similar issue, I have implemented some Google Ads conversion tags using the custom html tag and MTM debug mode also shows that they are fired. However I do not see them in the network tab. What am I doing wrong? How can I make sure that the implementation actually works?

Thanks a lot