Tracking For Users

I apologize if this has already been answered but I couldn’t find it so I am posting here.

I have a profile based website and I would like to provide analytics to each user showing them who visited their profile, where they were from, etc. What is the best approach for this? Is there an automated way to do it or is the best way to track them by using their URL or sub domain? Ideally I would like this to be automated where I don’t need to constantly add sites or sub domains to track.

Thanks in advance,


I would if possible use a URL structure and report.

each profile could contain sub folders and files.

You could then do a reportlet for each profile whereby you filter by the URL itself. You could even create a dashboard of all your profiles each with its own reportlet.

This allows you to customize the reporting and not have to worry about sub domain names.

This also has a benefit of keeping your site taxonomy well organized and possibly even will help with SEO rankings.

good luck