Tracking Feeds


Just completed installation of Piwik on a Wordpress site hosted by Bluehost. Apart from the odd hiccup the install process went fairly smoothly and so far I like what I see.

My 1st question to the forum:

How do I track a feed?

Eg: my site url is …
and my main feed url is …

I wish to track (hopefully via Piwik) how many hits I am getting on my blogs feed.

Is this possible using Piwik?


This is not yet possible. You could track the number of people clicking on your RSS icon but this would be rather useless and inaccurate. Once we build the data push API (see, and assuming you have control over your feed, you will be able to track the number of hits on any content / page / software, including your feed.

Matthieu, appreciate your response. Have read over ticket 134 and look forward seeing this feature included in a future version of Piwik.