Tracking Failure error Request was not authenticated

I am getting this Tracking Failure error “Request was not authenticated but authentication was required” in Matomo Admin section:

and also in Matomo > Adminstration > Diagnostic > Tracking failures.

I’ve added an Auth Token in Personal > Security but even so, the error still shows up.

I’ve access the tracked website myself from multiple IPs, and I’ve noticed the error with the Tracking URL cip= shows those IPs.

I am not sure what else I should do besides getting the Auth token created?

Thank you!

Fixed it by getting the UserTrackingAPI username created first and assigning it Admin role, then grabbing the Token API key, then updating Matomo Tracker Proxy with it.

The issue that tracking failure was popping up was that I had this username created and given No Access role, then created Token, then went back and changed role ---- but duuuuhhh it should have been Admin or Write role from the beginning and AFTER that create the Token Auth.