Tracking external domain fails

(Bamce Fabricius) #1

I have two domains. Matomo is installed on On the same domain is a Joomla website on another subdomain. The Joomla plugin for Piwik is installed and the tracking code for ID=1 pasted. Works fine, and Matomo collects data from it. Then i have a second Joomla website on The same plugin installed, tracking code for ID=2 pasted. Does not work. Matomo collects no data even though the script is visible in the webpage source code of domain2. Both websites are defined in Matomo. What could be wrong, and how do I fix it?

(Jason Neiss) #2

I had a similar problem: two external websites, both using the WordPress plugin, first one worked, second one didn’t. Mine turned out to be the Autoconfigure option on the plugin; disable it. Hope this helps.

(Bamce Fabricius) #3

Unfortunately there is no Autoconfigure in the Joomla plugin, only a field where you paste the tracking code…

(Bamce Fabricius) #4

Now it works! I beleive It started working when the operator activated SSL for the matomo analytics site during the night! The site is new, and the certificate was not available yet during my tests yesterday. It worked only on a site on the same domain, which is fairly logical, I suppose…