Tracking eCommerce Not Firing

Hello! I’m new to installing ecommerce tracking and have followed the advanced developer guide. However, it’s not firing.

The Matomo tracking code is in the tag, as instructed on the install settings.

I then have two tracking tags on a Thank You page after the order is completed, per the below:

      "12345", // (required) SKU: Product unique identifier
      "Product Name", // (optional) Product name
      "Donation", // (optional) Product category.
      Number('1.23') // (Recommended) Product Price
      '1111111', // (Required) orderId
      Number('1.23') // (Required) grandTotal (revenue)

I wonder if the initial tracking code needs to be in the footer for the ecommerce tracking to work properly? Or, is something missing from the above snippets?

Thank you.

Actually, ecommerc is tracking correctly after giving it some time.

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