Tracking E-Com with GA4 DataLayer

Hello everyone,

Actually, I’m using a GA4 DataLayer with Matomo Cloud and both tag managers ( MTM and GTM)

I’d like to have all purchases tracked, with names and ids, for my client.

In this case, it’s good.


But sometimes, it’s tracked in Matomo like it, or it.

In theses 2 cases, either there are no considered purchases which couldn’t be see in e-com report, or either there is a purchase but without the product ID and product NAME, so it can “falsifiy” datas in e-com report.



And lastly, there is only the goal, which I can’t see on e-com reports.


It can be quite frustrating for reporting, mostly for the expectations of my client.

I’d like to have a full e-com reporting with product ID, product price and product name, for each purchase or at least the greatest number.

Do you have a solution about it please ?

Best regards,

Is it possible to have an exchange about it with someone from the support please ? :pray:
Just to check the implementation if I need to modify some things quite fastly

Hi @Ant5669
As you use Matomo cloud, you can reach the support team directly by email.