Tracking downloads

(porto) #1

piwik is not tracking downloads on my site, even when i add class=“piwik_download” to link it’s not tracked.
I had this problem when trying piwik on localhost, but i solved it with adding class=… to download link. What is interesting to me, that after when it had tracked first download, I removed class=“piwik_download” away from link and it was tracking fine…
But on online test server it doesn’t work even with class=“piwik_download”. I still see “No data for this table”. Any advice?

How campaigns work? i have tried link:“” and it was succesfully tracked. But when i try “” it’s not tracked…why?

(vipsoft) #2

Download tracking worksforme. If you want to pm your web site and login info to your piwik dashboard, we’ll take a look.

Campaigns are tracked by referrer – once per visit. In your testing, you’ll want to clear your cookies. Check the faq for other conditions.