Tracking devices with offline capability

We want to track user behavior on a device. This device has offline capability, so it also works offline and we still want to track data when the device is offline.

So is it possible to collect Matomo data in the offline mode and send it to our server as soon as the device is online again?


Is there any way to solve this problem?

It’s not a problem at all, the problem is that you might misunderstand what matomo is.
Matomo is not an app that tracks user behavior on a device but a user behavior on a website

We are investigating tracking solutions and I have the same question. In the time of Progressive Web Apps and Hybrid Apps, websites can be used offline and sync their data later.

@Patrice I couldn’t find any information about offline tracking capabilities of the JavaScript tracker. Are you sure that it can cache events and upload them later, similar to what bugsnag does?

PS: The tracking API specifically mentions apps, so it’s not strictly a website thing :wink:

Ah, I figured it out myself.

No, it’s not implemented, there is an open issue, which is already two years old. But you could do it yourself by using the Tracking API.

@bdurrer Welcome to Matomo,
I did not speak about offline capabilities :wink:
Tanks to have found the issue, and a solution,

Have a nice day