Tracking cookie-accept from a user?


Is there a way Matomo can track if the user has accepted the cookie terms?
I was asked if there was a way to “proof” a user has accepted our cookies-terms, but I wouldn’t think so.
Because we only start tracking after the user has accepted…

Hi Alexander,
of you course you cannot track anything without launching the tracking script.

But maybe this one is for you:

You can start Matomo without Cookies. This should be legal in every country, especially if you host Matomo on your own server. After the user accepted your consent you can start using Matomo with Cookies for better tracking accuracy. Iam at the moment trying this out. Will let you know if it works!

Just for your information: The new rememberCookieConsentGiven and similar functions are only available since Matomo 3.14.0, so please update first.