Tracking clients using short urls


Ok I could really use some advice so if you have the time, I really appreciate it. Here is what I am trying to accomplish. We have clients that we run QR Code Campaigns for. We also offer QR analytics to track their campaigns. Now what we have done is installed a short url service on our webserver called yourls. YOURLS has analytic information built in, but piwik is a much better solution.

Is there a way I can make a new site in PIWIK. for example say our client is Nike. Could I make a new site in piwik ( and then when I create the short url use the URL generator and add a site ID parameter so piwik adds that data to the nike site when someone scans the qr code.

That way if we wanted to send email reports of just nike’s information we could use the email reports tool and then choose the appropriate website from the list…

I hope that makes sense. Open to any solution on how to accomplish this or if its at all possible. Thanks!

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With Piwik you can easily create websites, users, or any other entity simply using the API… Check out the details in:


Yes, I am aware of the API. I dont think I explained my question very well. If someone scans a QR Code it is going to come to my website first. My website is going to say “ok lets track this guy in PIWIK before I redirect him to his final destination (”. So I need to tell PIWIK (which is residing on my server) to update a site I created called nike. That way at the end of the month I can send nike a their report on how many times that qr code was scanned…

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to update a site I created called nike

You can do this with the API… anything you can dream of!


“You can do this with the API… anything you can dream of!” – umm how about perpetual motion!!! haha jk!

ok awesome! I will start reading the docs more thoroughly! :wink: Thanks for your time!