Tracking Calendly events in Matomo

I’m attempting to figure out the best way to bring Calendly event tracking into Matomo.

Currently, we use the integration with Google to directly track events

Event Viewed
Event click on Date
Event click on Time
Event scheduled meeting

There are options to use webhooks and API from the Calendly setting, but i figured I’d start here first if anyone knows the correct approach, even if it is to create a pull through of that data specifically from GA4 (not ideal but that is the last option).

Have you found a solution to do that?
Maybe using webhooks on Calendy side and retrieving it on Matomo side.

Hi @Gaetan_Berthelot, @Drew
As Calendly is a stand alone application, you won’t be able to add directly events in the web app. A see 2 solutions (based on web hooks):

  • The use of a rebound server to translate the webhook request into Matomo low level HTTP API
  • The creation of a Matomo plugin to interpret the Calendly webhook