Tracking button clicks on Elementor

Hi there
I have used different analytics systems - love Matomo. If only I can get it tracking.

WP Current version: 6.1.1
Elementor v3.11.5

Currently we are using GA UA and GA4. The main issue is that GA4 does not track the same way that GA UA does, and I suspect that we are missing data because the systems don’t match.

I have installed Matomo cloud using the WP plugin and also the tag man JS in the WP Code → Global Header and Footer.

The client website has 2 buttons that I want to track: click to call and click to get a quote. We are using Elementor ThePlus to tag the button IDs with these, which get picked up by GA UA and Google Ads. It appears to be working fine tracking.

This is the nuance in my issue: the buttons are Elementor buttons and I can’t seem to add Matomo JS code behind the button. All the videos and tutorials make it look easy to add code to a regular HTML button.

How do I track a “button ID” in Matomo?