Tracking bigger amounts of actions without goals?


Hello people,
we are using Piwik in all of our websites by now and love the tool!
When tracking user actions, we always set up goals to count how many actions where taken by users.

But now we released a web application and are really serious about tracking: how much have certain dialogs been opened by users, how often did users use specific features of the app - pretty detailed tracking.

On the other hand we want to track “common” goals, like how many users signed up, how many purchased a premium account - this would be classical goal tracking.

But for the usage tracking, goals just would be too much. We would have to create dozends of them and piwiks goals area would become pretty much overloaded.

Is there a way to achieve this task? Maybe one of you knows of a good plugin which I wasn’t able to find by now…

greetings from Germany,
a happy piwik user


hmm, i think i could simply use the trackPageView() function and then pass labels dependend on the functions.

I guess that answers the question :wink:

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

Yes trackPageView, setCustomUrl, etc. can be used to track anything (along with Custom Variables of scope “page”)