Tracking aweber sign ups to newsletter


any idea how I can track sign ups to aweber ??



Can you track an image in the newsletter?

If so, see:

Hi littleguy,

thank you!!

aweber gives quite good tracking… sorry, I meant of signup to my newsletters in the sign up forms on my website…

Thanks again



I noticed the question about tracking aweber signups.

If you can use jQuery, you can easily assign a click function to the
form ie

function setupSubmit( form ) {
form.submit( function( ) {
piwikTracker.trackGoal( goal_id ) ;
return true ;
} ) ;

That should give you goal conversion when the form is submitted.
I hope it helps,


Hi palger,

sorry for replying so late…I got distracted from aweber …

honestly, I have no idea about jquery… I found my own question looking for a way to track clicks on a 3rd party paypal button on one of my pages

aweber also uses the form code…

I have no idea right now if I can use jquery on Hostgator and if I can use jquery in Html (or wordpress?)

can you help please?



Also Form Analytics is coming soon! Check the page to learn more and be notified when it will be launched. :rocket: