Tracking and Analysing Email Traffic ( Postfix Server Email Logs)

Hi Everybody ,

I’m pretty new to piwik web tracking tool , and i’m in need of analysing and tracking email traffic from Postfix server (sent and failed e-mails) for my application. Does piwik supports some email traffic tracking features or is there a way to configure piwik to do so .

Thanks a lot !

Hi Mish

It would be great if Piwik could support Postfix server email logs.

It would be possible to implement this, even you could if you know a bit of regular expression. Please create an issue to request this, or a pull request, in the Log Analytics project tracker: Issues · matomo-org/piwik-log-analytics · GitHub

HI Matt ,

I created an issue on GitHub, i hope for positive results . Although i’m trying now to solve email tracking with the help of Piwik image tracking .

Thank You,