Tracking across domains


Hi there,

I need to track across different domains but still the stats and specifically goals show up in one website profile.

Our shopping cart is on one domain but we have a number of sites that send traffic to it.

Where can I find information on how to setup this type of cross domain tracking?

Thanking you in advance

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Hi Mark

See the doc in:

You are the case “If you track one domain name and several sub domains in a single Piwik website” I think?

It should work if all sub domains are under the same main domain.


Hi there,

Not sure if that is the correct one.

I’m really tracking on subdomains. For example I have:

and then also need to track

Each of the have there own piwik setup and I need to trac them individually when they make a sale on

Make sense?


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By default Piwik should work in this case, have you tried it?

Conversions should be tracked, when you put the JS code with the idSite that contains this conversion.

Most stats will be accurate, just a few like “Conversions per returning visits” might be off.


Hi actually I don’t think it will work.

Here is the reason why.

I am tracking different websites in piwik for example is one website in piwik is another website in piwik is another website in piwik

all of them will send users to our central shopping cart which is on

so, when I am checking stats for I want ot see how many users finished on one of the the thank you pages on

i also want to check the stats for and see how many users finished on one of the the thank you pages on

Does that make sense?

By follow the instruction at:

I would be setting the domain on the shopping cart to just one domain, but that’s not the case, I am sharing this one with multiple other domains.


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In this case, you want the shopping cart to display the Piwik Javascript code with the idSite of the website that brought the visit to the shopping cart… This is not a common use case, you will have to do a little bit of logic in Javascript to reuse the same idSite…