Tracking accuracy

The image shows 3 cases and the differences in tracking. I have a page where often people come through a direct link (referrer) and leave the page after reading the site without clicking on any other link. They just accept the cookies.
The cookie banner (“GDPR Cookie Consent” plugin) is loading the Matomo tracking code first when the cookies are accpted

So I run often in case 1)

This makes it difficult to have accurate tracking data. What I need is that the Matomo code will be loaded with a click on “ok” in a cookie banner. The result /pageviews and channel) must be like in 3

Any idea how to get this done that in all cases 1), 2) and 3) the same results are shown?

Just see there is a mistake in the picture. Under 3 it must be: “Pageviews = 2 Pages (Page 1, Page 1)”