Tracking a specific image and link with Content tracking

Hi All,

i have to solve a problem on my website and do not know where to start…

in short: i have started a small business where i present companys arround tourism, where each company has a presentation page.
of each page should I obtain statistics.

at the top of a page I have a graph with a logo, from this logo i had tought to track for the ammount of views of the page, the code is like this:
where D-00060 is a reference for the customer

at the bottom of the page there is a link to the companys website, here it was my wish to track the ammount of clicks of this link
Berg der Sinne

Can somebody give me please an example how to solve this, to become statistics of the views and click on one statistic page? how do i configure piwik for this example

Hi there,

It should be enough to put the Piwik JS code in your pages. Did you try this?