Tracking a group of sites

(bancila) #1

If I am the owner of a group of 10 sites, and I want to see statistics for all of them, is it possible?


  • inside of all that 10 sites, I have implemented the .piwik script for tracking. I want to see how much unique users ( unduplicated ) I was having for a period of time.
    It is important for me to see just the absolut unique users for a period of time.


Thank you all,


You put a tracker code for site #1 on all pages of all site (and add all domains to the site definition).
Then you also put a tracker code that is unique for each site.
When you select site #1, you’ll see stats for all sites.

(inigong) #3

Is it a lot easier to track than google analytics? because currently I am using Google analytics and I am still thinking of switching to pikwik since I cannot control it unlike Pikwik that will be installed in my own server. My other concern too is what if something goes wrong with my server, I believe pikwik is using both PHP and MySQL and will be giving javascript. I am not technical but I badly need to use this analytic site for my business. Will there be any technical support to help me fix errors aside from this forum?

(vipsoft) #4

The forum is the place to go for free support.