Tracking a button click


(don’t beat-up on me too bad ;))

We have a landing page with 2 buttons and all I need to track is how many unique visits to the page and (then) which button they clicked.

What am I missing - would think this is simple “stuff”; can’t figure it out.

(Fabián Rodríguez) #2

In Piwik (and web analytics) terminilogy a click of a button is an Event.

Here is the related documentation showing how to track events:

You can look at (an example site I put together), check the source code to see example javascript code attached to buttons, it’s one way of doing this. Perhaps others can also pitch in and provide other examples.


Thanks Fabián - I can follow the click example - here is what I’m using (Search for homes ) but am missing how PIWIK recognizes the event.

Is there setup needed on the PIWIK side?