Tracking 50+ different links on homepage

Dear Matomo Community,
I don’t know if anybody else wrote about that problem, I didn’t find anything similar. If I missed it, please point me to the thread.

My problem:
I have a client, a newspaper, that uses Matomo. Their main source of income is the sales of subscriptions and products through their homepage. They have about 50 different sales links on the homepage and they change many of them up to 3 times a day.
As it is quite unpractical to use events, they use campaigns - although the leads come from their own site. They say, as it is an akquisition anyway, it makes sense for them.

Now they have the problem that if they want to see which link performs how, they can go into the goals table >>goals>>overview, the table at the bottom (Goals by Referrer>>Goals). That table is, if you click campaign names, about 70 columns wide.

Does anyone have any idea how to best track so many different, quick changing links on a homepage? With a script? With a second Matomo (so it doesn’t confuse the other users?), with an export? Only over the API?

I appreciate your help,