Trackers and seo

Hi got a server with about 150 domains on it, and the vast majority of sites have trackers to the same domain. I have been told however that these tracker links to the same domain will seriously impact on seo as search engines like google as they will see the sites as belonging to the ‘same owner’ - wanted to see if you have any thoughts on that, and if that is the case, is there anyway of hiding the trackers ?

Thanks in advance.

A second person has also confirmed that have a tracker link to the same domain on many sites will decremented seo - is there anyway of hiding the tracker urls from search engines or use a backend php api or something else ?

As no response, taking the safe option and deleting piwik trackers and system off server. It seems having a tracker in websites pointing to the same domain in search engines is very decremental to SEO.

Found a solution luckily before removing - matomo/misc/proxy-hide-piwik-url at master · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Basically allows the tracker to show/use local domains to call a php proxi script which then itself calls the main tracker… much more seo friendly.

See FAQ: How do I setup Piwik to track multiple websites without revealing the Piwik server URL footprint which appears in the Javascript code in all websites? - Analytics Platform - Matomo