Tracker Proxy domain config

I am using one Matomo domain to track multiple websites and wanna hide and not reveal the Matomo server URL.

I am using these instructions with Matomo Tracker Proxy specifically with git.

I have now a file on the server and this line:

// Edit the line below and replace with the URL to your tracker-proxy
// setup. This URL will be used in Matomo output that contains the Matomo URL, so your Matomo is effectively
// hidden.
$PROXY_URL = '';

In the instructions on Github it says:

$PROXY_URL should contain the URL to the tracker-proxy server

Which one is the domain?
Is this the same as the

Any suggestions @matthieu or anybody else?

Thank you!

Sorted it, silly me : )

The is the path to the

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Iā€™m dealing with this now for a subdomain I installed matomo on.

Did you get it to work for a subdomain or just sub-folder?