Track visits from Google (google search / paid search)


I would like to know if it’s possible to track visits from Google and identify those coming from the search and those coming from the paid search. Right now I can only see the amount of visits coming from Google, but not the details.


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If you use UTM/MTM tracking, and/or the “URL” builder, this should be possible. See for example

There’s also some info on, however this feature seems to have been discontinued…

We have the same issue aswell - utm codes track correctly but autotagging codes (gclid) aren’t anymore? @Lukas or anyone else - can you advise how Matomo track’s a google paid search (using gclid)?

Incidentally it works correctly for Bing ads.

Thanks in advance

@webber thanks, indeed I can’t find that feature anymore, I’ll take a look again at the url builder and see if it can help me.


I don’t think Matomo does anything with the gclid parameter by default (see

The Paid Advertising Performance Premium Plugin has indeed been discontinued. See here for more details: