Track user session time

Hi, I’m new with Matomo and I’ve installed it on my WordPress project because I want to track emy subscribers and the time they spend in the site.
Specifically, I’m boardcasting an online event and I want the participants report at the end of the day:
Who (email), login time, logout time, session time

I’ve already configured the Matomo Analytics plugin and selected “User ID tracking” option.

In the Matomo Dashboard, I can see the email of each logged-in user and the pages visited. But I do not see the logout time.

How can I get in the metrics the logout time (windows close or logout button) so I can calculate the total time each user spent in my site?

Appreciate your help!

Hi @WebmasterMade
Maybe you can add a logout event, then you’ll be able to see each individual logout. But not easily the session (average) duration…
I don’t know how configurable WP is. The best could be store the session beginning time in session, and add (as event value) the difference between logout time and session beginning time…