Track user activity in Mediawiki

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Hey all…

I’m new to piwik, and am having trouble tracking down the information I need, so thought I might ask here.

I’ve installed piwik on my Mediawiki server, and am trying to figure out how to track user activity on my webiste.
For every user I have defined in Mediawiki, I’d like to be able to have piwik show me what pages they’ve clicked, and when, ect.

I can’t seem to figure if this is possible or not. Any help is uber appreciated, and sorry if I missed it in a forum thread already.




To get stats on any website, the Piwik tracker code must be included in the HTML output somehow.

I know MediaWiki well for having a fair amount of experience on Wikia as visitor and administrator.
There is a special namespace on thoses wikis where one can add JavaScript code that will be run on each page of the wiki.
That special page is “Mediawiki:Common.js”.
Unfortunatly, i dont know JavaScript well enough to “adapt” a Piwik tracker code to be put in that special page.

Lastly, Piwik wont tell you what are the usernames of your visitors.
It can tell what is their IP, their browser, etc. but i doesn’t know anything about the logic of the website.

But, if you were willing to invest some of your PHP coding skills, you could make a MediaWiki plugin that would pass the username information to a Piwik plugin, or something like that.

Beside, user path isn’t yet implemented in Piwik. There’s the Live! widget but it only show it for the X last visitors.