Track time spent on modal pop up form .Net MVC

We have an application developed in mvc, and using kendo ui for forms that pop up modal forms that use partial views. I have the javascript tracker in our _Layout.cshtml and its tracking the page views pretty well. Since the page doesn’t change and only a partial view is loaded in modal on the page, how can i track that modal similar to a page so i can get time spent on form?

Hello, when the partial view loads, your JS application can track a pageview in Piwik using trackPageView call in your JS tracker.

Also Form Analytics is coming soon! Check the page to learn more and be notified when it will be launched. :rocket:

Same situation here.
For sure it would be easy to track new page view, but from a logical perspective it not always make that much sense. In our case we have some old pages with window.popup


  1. user is on a page with a datatable for 1 minute
  2. user opens a details popup
  3. user continues on the datatable page.
  4. user opens a details popup

To have it visualized as a separate page view is just logical wrong.
(You also have to trigger page view again, when the window gets focus again ( popup is closed) )

what is your recommendation here?