Track How Far Your Users Scroll in Piwik

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i got one question. Is there any way to track scrolling of users or when they left several pages.

It should be like this feature on Google:

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If that feature doesn’t exist, you could imitate it with custom goals. You could make a script that fires a custom event for different lines in your HTML and track it with goals. It’s a bit of a workaround, so probably not worth it you have to add it to many different types of pages.

I’ve added your suggestion in this issue: Content Tracking, Banner tracking: track impressions, Clicks on any piece of content · Issue #4996 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

This is a really important feature in my opinion. I hope it will be implemented soon.

When you can measure time spent at the page and scroll percentage you can use that as a proxy that the article has been read.

Has there been any headway on this feature? For one page apps and sites it would be great to be able to track where the user has scrolled to determine how much they have interacted or read.

+1 for this feature

check out why here:

I’ve added support for Piwik in ScrollDepth plugin, maybe it helps someone…


We've just released Heatmap + Session Recording for Piwik Analytics!

More info:

  • Heatmaps show you where on a page your visitors click, move the mouse and how far down they scroll so you can discover which content your visitors actually pay attention to, where your content is confusing, and whether your content is engaging. Based on this information you can improve your content and page structure and ultimately increase your conversions.
  • Session Recordings lets you record all clicks, mouse movements, scrolls and form interactions of a visitor so you can replay them in a video. See exactly what your visitors did on your website to truly understand them. Find out where they have problems or get confused to improve usability and conversions.

Comes with 100% data ownership, full control over your data, and no limitations.

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Hi, do not Working :frowning: Juste “Scroll Depth - Percentage - 00% [1]” and nothing else.

I also tried and first got the same result like you @DM13
Then I re-read the instructions on @RoDiSK website which sais place the event tracking code after the piwik code, changed it, not working yet.
Then I checked the website load behavior and checked that the scroll tracking script was merged into the merged scripts from the wordpress plugin “Autoptimize”. I put the script on the script exclude list of Autoptimize so that its not merged any more and now its working!

So check if your script is in the correct place and not merged by some performance plugins :wink:

By the way: I would love to see the scroll depth somewhere in Matomo core, but the solution @RoDiSK provides is a good start. Thank you!

You can also setup your own scroll tracking with the matomo tag manager.

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